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20PCS Monkey Face Orchids Seeds Multiple Varieties Plants Garden Bonsai Flower

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Quantity:10 pcs/bag
Size: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

Species: Seed

Variety: macaque

Application scene: home furnishing, greening project, garden nursery production, family gardening, balcony garden

Taxonomy: flower seeds for home gardening

Category: fun, flower type

The small epiphytic orchid of the monkey face is a small epiphytic orchid with a short stolon, 30-40 centimeters high, and a stout and hollow stem.

Leaves interactively to raw, broadly ovoid. At the festival and rooting. Broadly ovoid, nearly equal in length and width, slightly narrowed at the upper part. Leaf oval shaped lanceolate.

Sparse racemes of flowers opposite in leaf axils, funnelform, yellow, usually purple red patches or spots, pedicels from the base minister, sepal and petal synthesis of three petals, Center for lip. The seeds are small and are often cultivated for 1-2 years.

Reproduction method editors

The breeding of small dragon orchid can be used as ramet, sowing, aseptic sowing, tissue culture and so on

division propagation

The rhesus small dragon orchid is reproduced by ramet. Ramets usually in the early spring bud sprouting before, first was removed from the flower pot, remove excess matrix, the intertwining roots as much as possible to separate, cut from the stem base with a sharp knife, each new plant should be kept two lines or more than two plants with roots, and with a brush dipped in sulfur powder or carbendazim powder medicament applicator to prevent wound infection wound. The new plant will be able to blossom in the year after the ramet

Sowing and breeding

The monkey face Xiaolan orchid can be pollinated from flowers, but the seeds are easily scattered and should be harvested in time. Because the monkey orchid seeds small, usually cultivated in Greenhouse in autumn, with a flat or seedling, seed without soil cover, after sowing should fully see the light, usually about 25 days of emergence. Do not water too often at the seedling stage to keep the substrate moist. At the same time, 1 fungicides were sprayed every week. When 2-3 true leaves were grown, the plants were transplanted once, and the plants were planted in the flowerpot when the height of the seedlings was over 10 centimeters. The seeding plant plants can blossom in 1-2 years. The seedling resistance is poor, the water is too much, it is easy to dye the disease and cause the stem and root rot.

Moisture content

The primary environment of Xiaolan orchid is relatively dry, and the rainy days are too long to be infected by bacteria. Therefore, the relative humidity in the growth period should be kept between 50%-75%. When the temperature is about 20 degrees centigrade, the indoor environment can be maintained. The summer temperature over 25 deg.c, artificial humidification, the general use of the fan and curtain or by high pressure spray system, but to avoid foliar spraying. When the humidity is too large, it should be more ventilated, otherwise diseases and insect pests will occur easily. The water needed for the macaque is usually based on the substrate used. If water and grass are used, water should be less. When the substrate is 70% dry, water it in time.

Main value

The monkey face has a strong branching, peculiar and large flower shape, rich in color, and good in tolerance to damp and negative. It is widely used for potting, hanging basin or hanging blue cultivation. It is very suitable for the green decoration of the windows, balcony walls, shopping malls, exhibition halls and so on. It is full of vitality and natural relaxation. The smell of flowering in the four seasons is similar to that of mature oranges.