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Stand-Up Weed Puller

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  • Metal + Stainless Steel


  • 1 x Stand Up Weed Puller

Weeding is a tiring job and it really causes back pain. But, how can we maintain having weed-free yards and garden if we will not engage in this tedious work?

Make your garden weed-free using this  Stand-Up Weed Puller - the vertical weeder tool for effortless weed pulling.

Suitable in removing roots of grasses, fruits, vegetables, flowers & more 

Maintain a weed-free surrounding using this Stand Up Weed Puller and say goodbye to backache thereafter!


  • LONG VERTICAL POLE BODY - Adopts the height that is comfortable to man and saves him from bending to avoid any bodily or back pain. 
  • T-SHAPED HANDLE - Ergonomically designed for a firm grip and easy twisting
  • STAINLESS STEEL PRONGS - Triangular prongs to effectively grasp the grassroots for easy weeding. It has a protective cover to protect and guard it against inflecting harm. 
  • SPRINGED INNER ROD - Connected directly to the prongs for easy ejection of the pulled-out weeds. 


  • PREMIUM QUALITY WEEDER - This weed puller is made from quality metal material with stainless steel prongs. The handle has grooves for an easy and comfortable grip.
  • SAVE TIME AND ENERGY - Effortlessly pull weeds from your garden without having to bend down or kneel. When you use the weeder to remove grass/flower which can assure minimum fatigue.
  • CAN PULL ROOTS - Three steel teeth are long enough to efficiently remove grassroots.
  • EFFECTIVE - The foot pedal lets you put enough force on the weed remover to penetrate the ground and grab the whole weed, including the roots, so it doesn't grow back.


  • Identify which grassroots is to be removed
  • Push the prongs to the ground making sure to identified roots is in the center
  • Twist the puller to loosen the soil and let the tine grasps grassroots,
  • Pull out the weed
  • Eject/ Release the grass.
The safest and easiest way of pulling off grasses. No herbicides or other harmful chemicals! No backaches, too!